MOST POPULAR! Includes: Mamalates Essential Birth Recovery Course, Essential Guide our Signature Mom and Baby workout, access to 8 minute quick recovery workouts, interviews with other wellness professionals, MORE!


Essential Birth Recovery Complete COURSEĀ + GUIDE is a 6 week functional fitness course for the early weeks and months postpartum. Reintroduce yourself to movement through modifications, mobility, alignment & stability to heal, prevent injuries, and imbalances. Start HERE with our OB/GYN endorsed Pilates based method and incorporate 8 minute guided workouts into your day. This routine gradually becomes more challenging as you gain strength and connection to your core. Includes: Essential Birth Recovery Guide & Workshop, 8 minute focused workouts, interviews with nutritionists, pediatrician, specific exercises for postpartum issues. BONUS: Signature Mom + Baby Workout. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Mat/Towel (optional: small ball, resistance band)

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