Professional's Monthly Licensing + Video

This complete collection of videos includes all workshops, exercise routines and refreshers on the mamalates training specifically for professionals. Benefits included in this monthly fee are PDF's of handouts/mamaflash cards, files of logo/brand,discount on future trainings and wholesale pricing on mamalates products. By paying this monthly fee you agree to the basic licensing terms. TERMS; You are able to cancel at anytime, removing all benefits from mamalatesPRO plan with 60 days notice to mamalates. This includes use of brand name, link on website, direct referrals and wholesale pricing. Please contact for more information or if you have questions about access to this subscription. Coming Soon: LIVE STREAMING for PROFESSIONALS!

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Diastasis Recti Exercises + Info

7 items

Separated abdominals or diastasis recti s very common postpartum. There are many exercises that are not safe if you have a diastasis recti. Do you know if your abs are separated?

week by week recovery

6 items

Try these easy stretches + foam roller essentials for cesarean recovery. You may even be able to perform the leg slide and others from your hospital bed.

Essential Birth Recovery Workshop

1 item

In this 30 minute workshop learn the 10 postpartum essentials including before you leave the hospital, all about abdominal binding, the first 6 weeks and more. Join Wendy Foster as she presents on what you can expect postpartum.

Essential Postpartum Stretch Collection

11 items

Safe postpartum stretches for the first few months!

mamalates: essential birth recovery workout with baby

5 items

This 40 minute signature video includes tips on how to position + breathe during your postpartum workout. The fast paced mom + baby routine is safe for abdominal separation and offers beginner and advanced options to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Professional's Collection

20 items

This collection of videos is for the mamalates licensed birth or fitness professional only. It includes complete access to all mamalates exercise, workshop & training videos.

Yoga for Diastasis Recti

1 item

Modified yoga pose if your abdominals are split or separated.

Yoga for Birth Recovery

8 items

Essential Birth Recovery Course

16 items

A functional fitness course for the early weeks & months postpartum. The Mamalates Essential Birth Recovery Course is an OB/GYN endorsed 6 week program to help you reclaim your core & learn modifications for a safe return to fitness after your baby.t